NSTec Scholarships and Fellowships

NSTec is committed to developing our employees and the workforce of the future.  By focusing our leadership and financial resources, we are implementing innovative strategies and solutions to create and maintain a pipeline of technical and business talent, partnering with local school systems to improve education in the communities where we live and work, and growing mutually advantageous relationships with colleges and universities.
As a partner in education, NSTec supports diverse and sustainable education programs focused on improving science, technology, engineering, and math. NSTec has invested over $1 million in education grants and scholarships.
NSTec Family Scholarship
The NSTec Family Scholarship Program is intended to award scholarships to children of NSTec employees with a financial need not met by other grants, scholarships or loans.
NSTec Engineering & Science Scholarships
NSTec Engineering & Science Scholarships are intended for high school seniors in Livermore, CA, Santa Barbara, CA and Northern New Mexico who plan to major in engineering or science at a four-year institution.

NSTec/University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Undergraduate Scholarship and Internship Program
The NSTec/UNLV program was created to develop students at all degree levels who can transition directly into the workforce. The overall vision is a collaboration between NSTec and UNLV to promote research and development in areas of importance for our national security mission, and develop interdisciplinary programs and internship opportunities that will build relationships between students and NSTec. 
Please contact Jennifer Kennedy at UNLV for further information at (702) 895-2522.
Post-Graduate Fellowships
Please check back soon for more information.
For further information on the Program, or if you have any questions, please contact Shari Morrison at (702) 295-2843